Grana Trattoria Antica
Wood Fired Pizza  Hand Made Pasta

Classic Old World Pizza

Organic flour hand made mozzarella


Specializing in seafood , only fresh and wild, nothing farm raised.

Wood roasted steaks, only Creekstone and Italian Piedmonte Beef

I care about the quality of food you eat, read below

Also this year I am growing my own organc tomatoes and vegatables.  Healthy food, because you deserve it!


Our Menus   Sample menu , Some items shown may not be available



House Salad; Satur Farm Greens, Tomato,    Red Onion, House red wine vinaigrette, 10

Tomato Mozzarella, Hand made Mozzarella, Tomato, Basil EVOO, 14

Tomato Carpaccio, Thin Sliced Tomatoes, Baby spinach with house cured pancetta and shallot vinaigrette, 14

Classic Caesar, romaine, with my house made dressing and croutons 13

Italian Chicken Salad, marinated chicken, roasted red pepper, artichokes, red onion, and romaine lettuce, tossed with a house made Italian dressing 15

Grilled Artichoke Salad, Arugula,Red Onion, Imported Shaved Pecorino, Lemon Artichoke Vinaigrette, 15

Warm Mozzarella, fresh tomato sauce 13

Insalata di Polpo,  grilled octopus salad with arugula, red onion, potato, shallot vinaigrette 16



Margherita: Tomato sauce fresh mozzarella   basil   12

Marinara; EVOO, peppercino,marinara sauce,Sicilian oregano, 10

Rosa Bianca:  LI Potato red onion   parmigiano reggiano rosemary Evoo  13

Grana:  Fresh mozzarella garlic herb ricotta parmigiano reggiano arugula  15

Nofo: Tomato sauce fresh mozz ,Duroc pork sausage, wood roasted onions  18

Jamesport: Tomato sauce fresh mozz,   mortadella Gaeta olives 18

White Clam:  LI Clams garlic thyme   parmigiana, pecorino romano   Evoo  18

Fig  caramelized onion aged mozzarella   gorgonzola cream  18

Wood roasted eggplant aged mozz, fresh tomato garlic  wood roasted onion   parmigiano   toasted bread crumb  17

Salad Pizza, EVOO, Parmigiano local greens,tomato,onion,house dressing 15

Sliced meatball, marinara sauce  aged mozzarella  toasted bread crumb  18

Americano, Premium aged mozzarella tomato sauce Sicilian oregano Evoo  12

Wild mushroom (Locally  grown mushrooms) fontina and pecorino tartufo   black truffle oil   19

Chefs Meatballs; Three meatballsover arugula with sauce  18



 RRegional Pastas

Faggotini  (Little bundles)A ravioli filled with caramelized pears, chopped walnuts, parmigiano and gorgonzola dolce; white wine cream parmigiano broth, toasted walnuts, cherry tomato. (Piemonte, Val d’Aoste) 23

Casoncelli alla Bergamo,A sweet and savory ravioli of roasted meats,(beef,pork),blended with herbs spices, pear, raisin, amoretti, sauced with pancetta, rosemary, roasted pear, butter white wine, 23 (Bergamo,Lombardy)

Bolognese; Classic ragu Bolognese with fettuccini, (Bologna), 23

Uovo di Ravioli, A classic preparation of San Domenico Restaurant,Italy, Ricotta and spinach filling with an egg yolk , Brown butter,pancetta sauce, garnished with Black Truffle carpaccio, parmigiano  28 (Imola,Emilia Romagna)

Spaghetti Amatraciana;Fresh tomato sauce ,pancetta, spaghetti 22 (Lazio,)

Puttanesca;Imported anchovy, fresh tomatoes, garlic, capers, lemon, gaeta olives,Evoo, spaghetti 22

                                Italian American and Grana Originals

Spaghetti and Meatballs;3 Grana’s Meatballs, Marinara sauce, spaghetti 21

Spaghetti Margarita; Fresh Tomato, Fresh Mozzarella, Fra Mani Salami, Parmigiano, Basil 22

Burrata Ravioli, ;with a fresh tomato basil sauce 23(Andrea, Puglia)

Chicken al Forno; Wood Roasted chicken, zucchini, touch of cream, parmigiano, House made organic Fusilli pasta  23

                                    Pasta Fatta en Casa  Pasta made in house by hand



 We really are what we eat, So why not eat the best:

True Italian cooking is based on three rules, ingredients, ingredients, ingredients. This is the basis of great Italian recipes and fine meals.

Congratulations! You have made a great decision today. My pizza is probably the healthiest pizza you’ll ever eat. Organic stone ground flour, Flour from three different Mills, blended by me then carefully handled to preserve the nutrients. Hand mixed pizza dough NO ADDED SUGAR OR OILS.  I use LOWER GLUTEN flours than your average pizza place,(25%on average) IN addition the flours I use are ORGANIC STONE GROUND<UNBLEACHED<UNBROMATED< NO ADDED WHEAT GLUTEN. The last three are what most pizza flours have added to supplement a very low quality “green” flour.  It’s no wonder so many people have gluten sensitivity!      


 Made every day using two Organic flours, Our Raviolis are hand made per order, as well as our flat pastas. One exception is our Busiata Trapanese pasta, which is imported from Sicily, made with stone ground flours and extruded with bronze dies.


My Mozzarella is Handmade, from mozzarella curd that containers NO additives or whiteners (most add titanium dioxide(used for white paint)= to make the mozzarella white!).  I make fresh mozzarella every day!, sometimes twice a day!


 I use Organically grown Plum tomatoes picked at the peak of ripeness, grown in California, Why not from Italy, Generally because I don’t know where they come from, grown in Turkey, North Africa, China?  But canned in Italy.  My tomatoes have no added citric acid or heavy puree

Our other toppings are sourced from local farms when available, organic produce when available, and the finest domestic and imported ingredients available.


*Creekstone Farms beef is from all Black Angus steers. The animals are raised on small, family owned farms including Diamond Ranch Farms in Kansas. The steers live their lives on pasture and are finished on corn to develop marbling. Creekstone steers are not dosed with antibiotics, Creekstone beef is 100% hormone and antibiotic free for their whole lives. All Creekstone Farms steers are processed in a facility that was designed by Temple Grandin,PhD, a professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University who developed a method for the most humane way to process livestock. Less stressful situations for the animal results in better tasting meat.

*The Piedmont region of northwestern Italy has for centuries been famous for its wines and its rich cuisine. It’s also the home of the Piedmontese breed of cattle, which originated there over 100 years ago.

 A special group of ranchers in the Great Plains of the U.S. and Canada has worked hard for 30 years to adapt this unique breed of cattle to this area of the world and to expand and even improve the breed.

The animals are raised in a natural and humane environment, are fed a pure vegetarian diet, and never receive steroids or antibiotics. Cattle raised for Certified Piedmontese® beef are born and raised not in tiny pens, but on open rangelands, where they’re fed a natural, high-energy diet full of quality grains and forages.

Certified Piedmontese® is not just lower in calories, it’s also lower in cholesterol. Research shows that Piedmontese beef has significantly less cholesterol than pork or Choice lamb. It even has less cholesterol than skinless chicken or turkey


Heritage breed, Hampshire pork is hormone and antibiotic free and fed an all-vegetarian diet of non-GMO corn, soy and foraged grasses. They mature and develop naturally in a social indoor/outdoor environment and are never crated.

 Premium 100 % Berkshire Pork from a coalition of independent family owned farms in the Midwest. They are all committed to raising Berkshire pigs using a strict code of humane and responsible animal husbandry. Raised with room to roam and never fed antibiotics or hormones


Colorado Lamb. These lambs are raised on family farms, and fed an all-natural, vegetarian diet. Lambs are finished in a low- density, free-choice lot that allows at- will movement from indoor to outdoor feeders.


Milk fed veal humanely raised on small, family owned, Mennonite and Amish farms. The veal comes in fresh and the quality is recognized by many of the best chefs in New York.


We use both Bell and Evans chicken and Hudson Valley chicken, Free to roam, hormone and antibiotic free.

Did You Know?  Antibiotics were first given to animals during the second world war to keep the animals from getting sick.  The side effect was weight gain, 25-30%, so the practice then became standard to increase yield whether the animal was sick or not.


Fresh wild boar is captured from the hilly ranch country outside of San Antonio, Texas. Being wild they are entirely free-range, with no added hormones, steroids or antibiotics.


Whiskey Hills Farm, an organic bio dynamic farm.


Where do I begin?  There is a lot of farmed seafood out there that is highly questionable in terms of how it is raised.  I use seasonal wild caught fish, on occasion branzino ,which is ocean farmed. Shrimp is highly suspect. I only use wild caught Mediterranean and cold water South American. Both are immediately frozen on board in their natural state, no processing. Different texture and sweet flavor.

Fennel Sausage;

Artisanal sausage hand made and flown in weekly, handcrafted sausages are made with all natural, heritage breed Duroc pork humanely-raised without antibiotics on family farms and with all natural feed and forage.


I love Fra Mani salami, Made by chef Paul Bertolli out in San Francisco, hand made the old fashion way, Additionally I have a 2 year aged Imported Italian Prosciutto, Imported mortadella.  And other salamis from artisanal producers,

Did you know most of the main srteam salami is manufactured and cured in less then 24 hours, eeww!

Produce, I actually hand pick most of my produce;  Locally I visit 2-3 farms on a daily basis to see what has been freshly picked to bring to the table.  Off season I use a Haacp, Organic farm in San Diego,  All my basil, parsley, and then seasonally fresh peas and fava beans, zucchini blossoms, and other produce.

We make our own from scratch fresh bread and cookies every day, gratis, for you!

My oil is always extra virgin cold pressed, butter is natural European style,

Did you know margarine for years was made with partially hydrogenated oils, this supported free radicals in our bodies leading to cancer and heart disease. The corn industry and the government quietly swept this fact under the carpet, changing it to only hydrogenated oils , supposedly better…..NOT)  just use all natural butter use less of it, and when cooking just add it at the end of a finished dish for the butter flavor, less fat more natural flavor.

Did you ever hear of the French Paradox?  They use butter and cream in many dishes, but they are not over weight , and suffer from less cancer and heart disease, why?, they don’t eat processed foods, and there foods are fresh.  Same with the Italians, very healthy people, fresh market ingredient’s, a lot of evoo. sadly, this is changing to some degree every year with the infiltration of the American diet and fast foods. 

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