Grana Trattoria Antica
Wood Fired Pizza  Hand Made Pasta

Classic Old World Pizza

Pasta made by hand

Organic Flour, Organically grown salad greens, other organic ingredients based on availability, Local Produce

Hours; Wednesday- Sunday 12 Noon- close PM








Grana Trattoria is a traditional rustic mom and pop Italian restaurant as you would find in Italy. We specialize in Organic artisan wood fired pizza, Our own fresh made Organic pastas and ravioli, and naturally raised wood roasted meats and fish.
I believe going out to eat should be about great tasting food AND healthy food, Many of our ingriedients are organic, WHY? Its good for the planet, Its good for YOU!, It SUPPORTS the farmers who make a TREMENDOUS effort to make an organic product. AND.  It taste better!



Only at Grana; Organic flour, Organic and locally sourced ingredients, Hand mixed pizza dough, Handmade mozzarella, Handmade pasta, serving the world’s finest and organic meats, fresh and cured. Pasta Menu changes weekly (sometimes daily) based on fresh ingredient availability (starts at 5). This is the basis of great Italian recipes and fine meals.  True Italian cooking is based on three rules, ingredients, ingredients, ingredients.

Congratulations! You have made a great decision today. My pizza is probably the healthiest pizza you’ll ever eat. Organic stone ground flour, carefully handled to preserve the nutrients.  Handmade mozzarella from mozzarella curd that containers NO additives or whiteners (most add titanium dioxide).  Plum tomatoes picked at the peak of ripeness with no added citric acid or heavy puree. Salamis, sausage, and meats are sourced from artisan producers that take great care raising, feeding, and producing there products. Our other toppings are sourced from local farms when available, organic produce when available, and the finest domestic and imported ingredients available. Enjoy!        631 779 2844